Nexus analysis is verification of coherence of actions and intentions in an enterprise
The nexus of doing is in the what for, not in the why.

By analyzing the intentionality of each agent, it is possible to identify the meaning - or loss of meaning - in complex structures of activities.

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We analyze the nexus of environmental, social and governance initiatives in companies, government agencies and social organizations
We develop processes and tools for:

Initiative portfolio management

Contracting and establishing partnerships

Execution follow-up

Results assessment

Visibility and relationship management
Social initiatives can be harmed by transposing concepts adopted in the design and execution of material objects
Management of social initiatives often requires:

Specification of desired situations, not products.

Development of the method as you go, not before.

Agreement and work as a network, not a hierarchy.

Monitoring the validity of hypothesis made regarding the effect of activities on reality.

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Work is being configured in networks of increasing complexity
People are becoming service providers.
Groups transiently coalesce into projects.
Processes tend to run through different organizations.

Work is in transition to a culture of intra and inter-group communication, stimulating the collective construction of knowledge.
We offer more than change recommendations
In addition to nexus analysis and recommendations, effective support for proposed changes:

Oversight of organizational transformation.

Quick implementation of management tools.

Staff training to ensure customer autonomy.
AV Virtual Environments is our platform for tools implementation
Work platform that articulates execution, documentation and communication.

Applicable from small projects to large environments that combine projects and processes.